What is Graphene?

Graphene is made by exfoliating one layer of graphite (less than 1 nanometer thick). It has a molecular structure in which many carbon atoms are bonded in a honeycomb structure on a plane. It is attracting attention as one of the nano carbon materials with amazing properties.

Graphene from NiSiNa materials

In November 2020, we entered into a business partnership with NiSiNa materials to provide graphene that is manufactured by NiSiNa materials.
NiSiNa materials can stably produce graphene by using a safe and environmentally friendly process that does not use oxidants and can exfoliate graphene into a single layer. We also provide support after providing graphene samples as well as customize graphene (surface modification, adjustment of oxygen content, and selection of dispersants) to meet the application and customer needs.
Together with NiSiNa materials, we aim to contribute to society through the distribution of graphene by promoting the development of new applications that take advantage of graphene’s characteristics to meet the needs of our customers through our global business network.

Strengths of NiSiNa Surface modification Adjustment of oxygen content Selection of dispersants

Characteristics of Graphene

Graphene is the most promising nano-carbon material in the universe The strongest and toughest Harder than diamond, flexible, stretchable, and bendable The thinnest and lightest A single layer is only 0.3nm thick Specific surface area of 2,630 m2/g High electrical performance Charge mobility is 100 times that of Si Current density is 100 times that of Cu No band gaps High optical performance Absorbs a range of rays from ultraviolet rays to infrared rays, as well as far infrared rays High impermeability  Blocks He and is also dustproof and waterproof Lubricity Coefficient of friction is 0.01

Applications of Graphene

  • Energy Various batteries and capacitors
  • Composite material Sensors, transistors, memory, and semiconductors
  • Coating Anti-corrosion/dustproof paint
  • Filtration Water purification and seawater desalination
  • Biotechnology Drug delivery systems (DDS)


Graphene oxide dispersion or powder
Graphene oxide (metal-free product) dispersion or powder
Graphene dispersion or powder
Other various graphene dispersion or powder
  • Graphene oxide water dispersion  No manganese used Graphene oxide water dispersion Graphene water dispersion
  • Graphene powder Graphene oxide powder

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