Automobile Recycling

We have been promoting a car recycling business based on Japan’s “Automobile Recycling Law” enforced from January, 2005. To perform this business, we have formed consortiums with electric arc furnace steel mills and wreckers under the approval of the ministers of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment, working in cooperation with ART/TH teams entrusted by automobile companies.

A feature of this method is “complete recycling of dismantled vehicles”. Copper components can’t be fed into electric furnaces, so they are removed from end-of-life vehicles by wreckers using precision dismantling technology developed in conjunction with electric furnace manufacturers. The vehicles are then compressed down to a size where they can be fed into an electric arc furnace, and delivered to steel mills. Glass and abandoned plastics, etc. are burned in the electric furnace along with the steelmaking raw materials, thereby contributing to recycling by virtually eliminating waste.

In 2004, we set up a specialized team to promote our car recycling business which is unique compared with those of our competitors. Our establishment—with car wreckers in every region of the country—of a control system based on compliance has garnered a high evaluation, as has our stable supply of materials to electric arc furnace steel mills.

Contact Information

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