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Minerals, silicon metal, activated carbon, and other products


We import various raw materials mainly from China—one of the major mineral producing countries in the world—as well as Brazil, India, and other countries.

Activated carbon

We import coconut shell-based activated carbon from the Philippines and coal-based activated carbon from China.

Mill scale

Mill scale is ferric oxide that is generated in the metal rolling process. It is recovered and recycled for use as iron powder material or is sintered and used as material for the production of pig iron.

Other products

Glass fiber and sanitary ware materials Kaolin, pyrophyllite, sericite, feldspar
Raw materials for electronic components, optical equipment, ferroalloys, etc. Tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, electrolytic chromium, tungsten, rare earths, titanium, vanadium
Construction materials Mica, perlite, diatomaceous earth, silicate fume
Steel production materials, refractories, and electrical conductive materials Natural graphite (flakes/amorphous), artificial graphite, fluorite, magnesite
Other materials Vermiculite, chamotte sand, pea gravel, garnet, talc, and nano-diamond
Metal silicon for production of secondary aluminum alloy, silicon resin, and semiconductors Silicon metal

Contact information

Metals & Minerals Dept.(West Japan Branch) TEL:81-6-6347-3691
Metals & Minerals Dept. I TEL:81-3-3513-1246
Metals & Minerals Dept. II TEL:81-3-3513-1282