Company History

July 1, 1981
Fukuden Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established with the investment of Marubeni Corporation (investment ratio 80%) and Sanko Seiko Co., Ltd. (investment ratio 20%) as the successor of former ferrosilicon producer Fukuden Kogyo Co., Ltd.
April 1, 1987
When Marubeni Corporation increased its investment ratio to 100%, the company changed its name to MARUBEN TETSUGEN CO., LTD.
April 1, 1989
Establishment of Osaka Branch
April 1, 1995
Establishment of Sendai Branch
April 1, 2001
Establishment of Kyushu Branch
April 1, 2005
Establishment of Chubu Branch
April 1, 2017
Sendai Branch was renamed Tohoku Branch
April 1, 2018
Osaka Branch was renamed West Japan Branch