Message from the President

President Kunihiko Akiyama

Kunihiko Akiyama

Take on the challenge of stable supply of mineral resources and creation of new value !
Our company is a trading company specializing in steelmaking raw materials and mineral products, which was established in 1981. We deliver to our customers steel scrap as an urban resource, ferroalloys and various mineral products as imported resources, iron powder, and Bentfix as environment-related products. Utilizing our expertise fostered over the years in combination with the global network of Marubeni Corporation, we aim to be an “expected professional group” that grasps the needs of our customers and acts to achieve their requirements. Our guidelines for action are “consider, propose, and act.” We always try to stay ahead of the changes in the world and the market, face the issues of society and customers and strive to quickly meet customer expectations in all sincerity.
We aim to be an honorable company in accordance with Marubeni Group’s spirit grounded in “Fairness, Innovation, and Harmony,” and we continue to maintain our sprit as a challenger and boldly rise to challenges and changes in the business environment as noble-spirited company.